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Dutch Flat

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Golden Drift Museum

Rich in history, Dutch Flat was named in the 1800s for its Dutch storekeepers. Joseph and Charles Dornbach did a thriving business in what was to become a large placer mining area. In those early days, the town had a large population and many fine buildings. Today, one drops back in time over 100 years when exploring the paths and streets of this quaint village.

Dutch Flat is near all mountain recreation areas and only a short distance from snow and water skiing, fishing, biking, kayaking, gold panning and hiking the abundant mountain trails.

A perfect place to bring up children or retire, it also attracts many small family owned-business enterprises to the area.

From 1854 to 1882 it was noted for its rich hydraulic mines. In 1860 had the largest voting population in Placer County. Chinese inhabitants numbered about 2,000. Here Theodore Judah and Dr. D.W. Strong made the original subscriptions to build the first transcontinental railroad.